Aquarium & Shark Lab by Team ECCO
511 N Main St
HendersonvilleNC 28792
Aquarium & Shark Lab by Team ECCO
"The Aquarium That Inspires"
Aquarium in Hendersonville, NC
Aquarium & Shark Lab by Team ECCO |511 N Main StHendersonvilleNC28792 | (828) 692-8386

Aquarium in Hendersonville, NC

At the Aquarium & Shark Lab by Team ECCO, we're diving deep into education, enrichment, and exploration of the deep sea. As the first inland aquarium in Hendersonville, NC, we offer educational programs and exhibits that benefit all who visit. Here you can visit immersive exhibits, attend educational programs, and listen to speaking engagements. As flexible as the tide, our team is constantly encouraging exploration and growth from all our students. Whether you're looking for a fun date or want to learn more about the vast life in our seas, then come visit us. We're the aquarium that inspires!

Our Aquarium Offers:

  • Aquatic Exhibits
  • Ocean Education Programs
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Environmental Awareness
  • And more!

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